How to implement standardization of casting molds?

Editor:嘉善永金金属制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-07-07 

The standardization of casting molds and the application of mold standard parts are inevitable trends for the future development of the mold industry. This is especially true for aluminum alloy gravity casting that started later. Only by promoting the standardization of foundry molds can the behavior of mold makers be regulated, and it is possible to prompt mold makers to provide high-quality, low-cost molds that meet the standards. At the same time, the standardization of molds and the application of standard parts of molds will make it easier for foundries to monitor the quality of molds, as well as facilitate the maintenance and repair of molds. The use of standard mold parts and production scale effects will help to change the current situation in the mold industry of multiple varieties, small batches, and low production efficiency, which will help reduce costs and increase productivity.

At present, the domestic casting mold industry is developing rapidly, and there are no fewer than hundreds of aluminum alloy gravity casting mold production plants. With the development of the automobile manufacturing industry and the influx of foreign capital, the mold production plants are both in scale and technical strength. Increase with each passing day. With the popularization and application of CNC machining equipment, there is no big gap between the processing level of the mold industry and foreign countries. Many mold factories also have more advanced testing equipment, but our management level, design philosophy, and business philosophy are still far behind those of foreign counterparts. In addition, mold materials and heat treatment strengthening methods are far behind those of developed countries. The current situation for the foundry mold production plant has practical experience, and engineering and technical personnel who understand both mold manufacturing and the casting process are also lacking, and mold debugging and process verification are a must in the mold production process, because Successful molds and mature processes are what many foundries with weak technical strength want today.